About Divergent

Divergent Movements Dance Studio!

A place where you can train and become a better dancer. We are a studio that is focused on growth, fun and passion. Want to start with dance as a beginner or want to become better in dancing in our intermediate and advanced classes? Than Divergent Movements is the place to be!

If you have any questions let us know by instagram dm or email. We hope to see you soon!

Training Program

Want to take the next step in your training? In our training program every sunday we will work on body strength, flexibility, technique in all styles, work ethics, upcoming projects and prepare you for things you can expect as a working dancer. Think of building your CV, how to work with artists, communication with clients and how to present yourself! Also if you want apply for dance academy’s we will guide and prepare you for upcoming auditions.

Dont be afraid to start, we provide different groups so you can work on your own level and phase.

We will make sure that every individual gets the attention and feedback they need, working on your own personal growth, facing your struggles and improving them in many elements for you to become a better dancer!

Our training program students had the opportunity to build up experience in the workingfield with Armin van Buuren, Villa Thalia dinnershows, videoclips with different artists, photoshoots and commercials.

We will help you grow and achieve your goals!

Welkom op onze website!

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